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          12博 USA
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          在开始之前,请确保您下载irbnet清单。它将接听 绝大多数您的问题。

          PDF irbnet学生清单

           PDF Icon



          这些说明适用于所有委员会和所有角色(PIS,委员会成员, 和关键人员)。同时还提供一个更直观的格式,这个含量 可下载的pdf文件: 新用户注册培训劲 (PDF)。

          1. //www.irbnet.org
          2. 点击:新用户注册(右上角)
          3. 在相应字段中输入您的名字和姓氏。 (请使用适当的 capitalization as you register into the system; the system does not alphabetize names 即先从小写字母。)
          4. 创建您的用户名 - 创建一个用户名,你会记得
          5. Create your Password (at least 8 characters); confirm your password, and enter a password 暗示。
          6. 点击继续
          7. 接受使用条款
          8. On the next screen, type "South Alabama" in the "Search for an organization" field and click "Search" OR scroll down and select "University of South Alabama" from the 名单在屏幕上。
          9. 如果需要检查是否有误,编辑信息,然后继续点击
          10. 在接下来的屏幕上,输入您的电话号码和电子邮件地址
          11. 点击继续
          12. 点击注册
          13. 点击继续
          14. You will receive an email from irbnet. The email will contain a link that you need 为了激活您的帐号点击。
          15. Once you click on the link, you will be able to enter your username and password in irbnet登录页面,访问该网站。 (如果这不工作的第一次, close out of the irbnet homepage and open it again: irbnet.org). Then enter your username 和密码,它应该工作。)
          16. www.irbnet.org,并输入您的用户名和密码登录。


          这些说明适用于所有委员会和撒尿和关键人员和管理 submitting materials for PIs. This content is also available in a more visual format 可下载的PDF格式,从 新的培训项目提交劲 (PDF)。

          For committee specific information, please select one of the following links: IRB, IACUC,或IBC。

          第1步- 去 www.irbnet.org,并输入您的用户名和密码登录。 First time users, click New User 注册,按照指令的上方。

          步骤2:单击创建新项目 (屏幕的左侧)。请求完整的12博您的项目, 红色星号表示必填字段。点击继续。

          第3步 - 这将带您到页面设计,你可以建立你在哪里项目包:

          一种。 下载空白表格: Use the dropdown menu from the "Select a Library" to select appropriate institution specific documents to download. Then use the "Select a Document" dropdown menu for documents which will include instruction sheets for irbnet processes; project specific templates; and other forms which you can download, complete, and save to your computer.

          这个包添加文档中: 点击 添加新文档 to browse your hard drive for completed documents and attach as required by specific type of study. Upload the required completed documents saved to your computer relating 这项研究(下你一步3A完成什么)。愿你附上尽可能多的文件 as necessary. You may view, update, 要么 delete documents any time before your submit 包。

          C。 需要的文件:点击 添加新文档 button to complete the on-line "IRB Part A" or “IACUC/IBC Application Form” wizard. 完成后,它会自动上传到您的包。

          For IRB: Part A (On-line Document) and Part B (Exempt OR Expedited/Full Board Application);
          For IACUC & IBC: IACUC/IBC Application Form (On-line Document) and Protocol Form

          第四步 - 点击分享这个项目(画面左侧)。12博_12bet体育 should be preselected. You can search and add other registered USA users. They must have registered with IRBNet. Use the search field by searching any part of the person's name. If the person has not yet registered, have them do so and return to share the project with them in irbnet before final submission of the package for review. Descriptions 对于访问的每个级别都提供此页面上。可授予多个用户 访问(点击保存每个人之后)。也好,只要有需要注销的 该项目。

          第5步 - 点击发送邮件项目用你的椅子和/或其他签字沟通 (you can quickly send a message by checking the "Send Project Mail" box on the left, 要求他们登录到irbnet审查和签订项目)。

          第6步- Click Sign this Package (left side of the screen) and select your project role from 下拉菜单,然后点击标志。

          注:如果PI是一个学生,指导老师/导师必须在研究报告中所列 并检查包中的文件定稿和电子签名之前 提交审查。

          第7步- 关键的一步 - 确保您的研究是完全准备好进行审查。点击提交
          this Package (left side of the screen). The IACUC will be the default choice, please 改变IRB提交或IBC委员会。

          第8步-a submission confirmation should be received via email. If not received please contact 适当委员会确认提交: iacuc@southalabam一种。edu, irb@southalabam一种。edu, 要么 ibc@southalabam一种。edu


          Once the study is submitted it is automatically locked. You can still access it, but you can no longer edit any documents. If minor changes are required before your study 可以进行审查,全面进入该项目的任何成员可联系各自的 研究 Compliance office via email or phone and request that the study be unlocked 堡次修订版(S)。去联系信息 这里.


          在里面 项目概况 标签(屏幕左侧),您的研究将有“待审核”状态,直到 the appropriate committee reviews it and enters an action for the project (approved, modifications required/information requested, disapproved, etc). An email notice is sent to the Principal Investigator (and all other persons with full access) whenever 行动已采取适当的审查委员会去过。


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