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          Student sitting on bench smiling holding her Personalized South tag


          The National 校友 Association is proud to support student access through our alumni scholarships including:

          • Children of 校友 Scholarship
          • Freshman Leadership Scholarship
          • Graduate Scholarship
          • Port City Chapter Scholarship
          • Baldwin County Chapter Scholarship
          • USA 荣誉学院 Scholarship

          奖学金 are funded through the sale of JagTags, the University’s collegiate license plate, which can also be personalized to show your school spirit. 100% of net proceeds benefit student scholarships and are matched through the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative. USA JagTags have raised more than $1 million for students to follow their dreams. If you are an Alabama resident, purchase your JagTag the next time you renew your license tag

          You may apply for these scholarships online using JAG $锅, USA's scholarship program opportunity tracker. Click here to view all scholarships offered by the University.


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