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          Honors College

          Opportunity During These Difficult Times

          In the Honors College community, we understand that your educational plans may be shifting during the uncertainty of the pandemic, and many of you may wish for a Mobile-based education. For this reason, we have added a few extra spaces to our honors first-year class for 2020. We invite you to apply to join our community--we are motivated, intellectually curious, supportive, and fun! Explore our website, contact us with questions, and apply in JagSPOT (note that you first must apply to and be accepted to the University--Apply Now).

          The University of South Alabama Honors College is a diverse community of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate the thinking and intellectual curiosity of highly motivated students. Here in Honors we challenge each other through discussion, research, creative scholarship, intercultural engagement and the arts so that together we create the feel of a small college environment in the midst of the opportunities provided by a large urban university.

          Our graduates, equipped with this intensive education as well as a wide variety of additional learning experiences, are especially well-prepared for productive careers, committed citizenship and meaningful lives. 

          Some Unique Honors Programs

           Summer Internships with the Delta Fellows Program

          Summer Internships with the Delta Fellows Program

          The Honors College organizes annual community engagement internships through grants received from the Jean O’Connor Snyder Internship Program (JOIP) sponsored by the David Mathews Center for Civic Life.The Center is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation which builds skills, habits, and capacities for more effective civic engagement and innovative decision making throughout all 67 Alabama counties. Delta Fellows Interns collaborate with local communities to build long-term university-community relationships built on immersive civic engagement principles. The goal is to support the needs of the citizens of the Mobile Bay region. During Summer, 2020, four Delta Fellows aim to collaborate with the communities surrounding Blakeley and the Mobile-Tensaw Five Rivers Delta.

           Students talking a selfie with Dr. Cooke in Oxford.

          The Oxford Consortium for Human Rights

          The Honors College at the University of South Alabama is a member of the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights (OCHR). The Consortium hosts teaching and research seminars on human rights, global conflict, humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, and related subjects. Their aim is to understand and develop constructive solutions to the problems of today, drawing from scholars and students from a wide variety of disciplines. Four Honors College students attended the Oxford Consortium Workshop in Oxford, UK in July 2019. Five students attended the OCHR Workshop Series: Community, Identity, and Human Rights in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in October 2019. Students were slated to attend in-person events in 2020, and will continue to attend when in person opportunities resume. In the meantime, South Alabama is active in online workshops such as the OCHR’s first ever Webinar, “Pandemics, Epidemics & Human Rights,” and its subsequent offering, “Inequality, Racial Justice & the COVID Crisis.”

           Students wth Dr. Cooke in front of world summit banner

          The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

          The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates regularly brings Nobel Peace Laureates together to foster their legacy of peace, and to continue to keep peace in the forefront of global attention. The Honors College has joined as a partner in its work, and participated in the most recent Summit. This gathering was held in Merida, Mexico in September 2019, focused on both the Mexican legacy and the nation’s involvement in the global peacebuilding process. The program engaged civil society and youth from throughout the world by providing them the tools and strategies needed to achieve peace at local and global levels. Six Honors College students attended and returned with a wealth of knowledge that they were eager to share. Story available here.

          Deliberate Dialogue Discussion
          Thursday,  July 30, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
          Location: Zoom Online
          Honors Retreat
          Wednesday,  August 12,  -
          Location: Camp Grace, 11081 Wanda Dr, Mobile, AL 36608
          Honors Retreat
          Thursday,  August 13,  -
          Location: Camp Grace, 11081 Wanda Dr, Mobile, AL 36608
          Honors Retreat
          Friday,  August 14,  -
          Location: Camp Grace, 11081 Wanda Dr, Mobile, AL 36608

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