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          Videographer videoing student outside

          South Says

          Devin Johnson

          realized his potential at a pizza shop.

          Alyson Smith

          draws experience through service.

          Ashlyn Stahly

          is a resource for other Jags' success.

          Liam White

          takes a different view of the world.

          Sahilee Waitman

          honors her past while realizing her potential.

          Ben Morris

          is on The Prowl at Jag Media.

          Donovan Dahmer

          follows his passion to medical school.

          Sydney Everett

          gets moved in at South.

          Mia Britton

          gets an education at city hall.

          Katherine Sexton

          plays it forward.

          John Hicks

          stretches his mental and physical abilities.

          Deepak Adhikari

          cultivates tech to table.

          Kevin Culpepper

          helps freshmen hit the ground running.

          Merritt McCall

          lives and studies on a Gulf Coast island.

          Taylor Meckle

          ends one journey to start her career.

          Lexe Fay

          says living on campus keeps her connected.

          Alvina Pruitt

          discovers unexpected possibilities in Europe.

          Jan-Louw Kotze

          finds his footing 8,000 miles from home.

          Xiaoyan Liu

          uprooted her life to pursue opportunity.

          Benjamin Siu

          benefits from faculty mentorship.

          Shubha Vinod

          discusses South’s early acceptance program.

          Sarah Harvey

          hones her skills at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.

          Kevin Ingles

          helped launch a research journal.

          Chelsia Douglas

          on why she transferred to South.

          Jack Stover

          talks about Greek life at South.

          Jesse Puckett

          loves South’s Gulf Coast location.

          JuWan Robinson

          on support for first-generation students.


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